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Internal Medicine with Clinical Instructor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

I absolutely loved the entire experience. The staff guided us every step of the process and it was just a breeze from then on.
I truly loved this experience. This experience showed me the way clinics work and the way you need to accommodate to the patients needs. This internship also showed me working a team is very important. That having the support of your colleagues and having a bond with them is so important. It also showed me this experience that internal medicine might a choice for me in the future when I will be making decisions on my career path as a future doctor. I would like to thank again the entire staff for the amazing experience and being in the heart of such an amazing city.

It was a great experience, it helped me a lot and it was very useful. Dr. F was very nice and considerate of the cultural differences and cooperative.

"I went to New York for a general surgery rotation. It was the most wonderful experience I've ever had. My physician was very kind and helpful and the hospital received me so well! All the patients and the cases that I got to know added to my curriculum and will help my future career!"

Natalia, Brazil

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Cardiology with Assistant Professor, New York University
This rotation is a great learning experience. The attendings are exceptional human beings. They are compassionate, patient and enjoy to teach. They show great respect both for students as well as patients. They go over patient plans as well as treatment options. I learned a lot in a short period of time.
Pediatrics at Interfaith Medical Center Professional Building

Dr. O is an excellent professional and a wonderful person. He knows not only his patients but also the family histories behind them. I was lucky to meet you.

Plastic Surgery at Madison Plastic Surgery

I absolutely loved my experience. Working under Dr. T was amazing. I learnt so much from him that I can't even put it into words. I would definitely suggest people to take up this shadowing programme.

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Internal Medicine with Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine, NYU Langone Health

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a great experience. The preceptors we worked with were amazing and I could learn a lot from them. They are all kind and willing to help out at any point of time.

Internal Medicine with Assistant Professor, University of South Florida College of Medicine

I was thoroughly satisfied with my AMO experience. Dr L was an amazing mentor and very kind. It's easy to see why her patients love her so much. I would highly recommend this rotation to my peers. Thank you AMO for this excellent experience.

Internal Medicine at Premier Medical Care

It was a meaningful experience overall. I was able to see the differences of the healthcare system between America and the system in the third-world. It was also a learning experience for me to be able to observe how history taking and physical examination are done in the US. I'm glad that I'm able to answer some of Dr. L questions and that I can quite compete in the US given my level of education. Dr. L is nice, a good mentor and really friendly. I enjoyed the whole experience a lot and would definitely recommend the program to my friends back home.

"Traveling to Chicago to attend a six-week pediatric clinical experience was one of the best things to happen during my many years of medical training. Like me, many foreign medical students are under the illusion that they know how the U.S. health system works. This experience allowed me to see the real thing."

Jaime, Ecuador

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